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Pop Quiz was one of UK television's most popular quiz programmes with a regular audience of ten million viewers. Excluding Top of the Pops, it was the most watched music programme between 1981 and 1984.

Many of us remember seeing rare archive music clips for the first time on early editions of the show. Although every episode of Pop Quiz exists in the BBC archives, most of the episodes have never been properly catalogued. There have been claims that some episodes contain clips of musical performances that are now missing. In 2011 I made it my mission to track down and catalogue every episode of this classic show.

Out of the 56 episodes originally broadcast by BBC1, I have managed to compile information from various sources on 47 of these. But I need more!

If you have episodes of Pop Quiz on any format, analogue or digital, audio or video, I would love to hear from you.

Perhaps you attended the recording sessions for one of these shows and would like to share your memories? Any help received will be most appreciated. Click here to contact us...

To search the Pop Quiz database simply enter a keyword or name into the search box above. A results page will show you any matches. You can click on individual episode numbers to view detailed information about an episode. This includes all the guests featured (including special/mystery guests), the BBC Archive info and a list of music clips used in the show (where known). Next to each guest's name is their year of birth (and death where applicable). Finally, their appearance number and total number of appearances is given. Click on any of the names to bring up a list of all the shows they appeared in.

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